I have a picture on my desk that I look at every morning because it makes me smile. It was taken March of 2002 at the Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World. It is of three happy middle school girls; my daughter Amanda and her friends Lauren and Becky Stepusin.  Little did anyone know that within 6 years both Amanda and her friend Becky would have battled cancer, and that Becky would have lost her fight. I ordered the book and when it arrived I looked pensively at the cover, there was Becky smiling, the same way she had the last time I saw her…and then it hit me hard, would I be able to read this book? I took a deep breath and opened to the prologue and began, tears welled up in my eyes and I knew I would not be able to stop reading. I knew the outcome and at times I cried but the love and strength of Becky and her family was evident in every word. I found myself nodding in agreement as Paul wrote about the feeling of not having control over what was happening to Becky. I felt peaceful as Becky’s faith and trust in her parents, family, friends, doctors and the Lord poured from the words of the book. Reading this book made me realize that life is full of uncertainty and we are constantly being asked to trust. Becky Stepusin did that unconditionally. Her life and her battle with cancer is evidence of this. Paul and Nancy my heart goes out to you and your family, but thank you for sharing not only Becky with me but her story as well. I think about you and her often, especially as I walk by the house where you  lived in  St. Charles. I remember the happy middle school girl who laughed and played with my daughter. I remember her infectious smile. I highly recommend this book to anyone who has ever wondered if they could face the struggles that life throws our way. Thank you Paul and Nancy.