I really enjoyed the "Rare" book.  Paul did a great job of telling the family/Becky's story.  It is wondeful.  As a nurse, I especially was moved by several items in the story, e.g., HIPAA problems, Becky's pneumothorax, double double pain, and patient/visitor treatment in the hospital.  I loved that Becky's Dr Neil, Nurse Pat, and several hospital nurses and doctors were helpful and kind.  Amazing that Beck could go on a cruise-your family is incredible in the face of such an ordeal!!  I loved reading about the support you gave Becky and each other during this sad time.  I found it touching when P.C. said, "Dad is my rock"--I noted how often "Dad" was there for Beck and family also.  I was angry with the nurse who had to be "encouraged" to get more pain med for Beck and then a pillow and blanket for Nancy--thank goodness there were other kinder nurses with blankets, etc.  Thanks again for sharing.  It is a special book.  Above all, I wish I had known Becky.  She sounds wonderful!!!