It's a wonderful book.  While i was reading it I thought I wonder if this is weird that I'm reading this book and can't put it down.  But I'm glad I read it and have passed it along.

There were similarities but it obviously was your daughter's story.  I loved how you talked about her friends....Delaney's were the same, especially 2 that were always there when needed.  We had a Halloween party a couple months before she left and had over 80 teenagers in the house for it.  I knew there were so many who wanted to see her but didn't know how to, so I mentioned the Halloween Party idea to Delaney.  She loved the idea and her friends took it and rolled with it.

4 days before she left she was so weak, and with the fluid in her legs it was dificult to get her up and down the stairs.  I recommend she stay up in our room, as she had so often over the 4 years of illness, but said, "No, I want to go downstairs with all the people".  I was confused and told her there was no one home but her, her Dad, and me.  She looked at me and told me that people would be coming soon.  Sure enough, we weren't downstairs for more than 5 minutes when friends stopped by with dinner.  For the next 4 days our front door was constantly opening as people came by.

I think back to those last 2 weeks...our daughter Delaney prepared us every step of the way and patiently waited until we were ready before she left.  Truly amazing.

Thank you for sharing your daughter's story in such a beautiful way.