Shortly after I met Paul, my brother was diagnosed with Recurrent Melanoma and I knew it was an illness that would take his life.   Paul understood my pain because his nineteen year old daughter Rebecca had died of cancer in February, 2008.   Paul told me about the book he had written, "Rare, My daughter's faithful journey through cancer".  To this day, and I can't explain it, the book is Joyful.  After speaking to both Paul and Nancy, I guess I would have to say that I believe that the Joy comes from knowing that their daughter is with God.  I know that my brother is also with God but I guess I focused on how sad I was, and not on the comfort that he is now living the fulness of life in heaven with God.

I would recommend the book "Rare" to anyone who has a loved one going through cancer.  It gives you insight into what the cancer patient is going through.  I would recommend this book to anyone who has lost a loved one to cancer, or for that matter anyone who has lost a loved one, for it helped me let the sunshine (Joy) back into my life by focusing on the fact that my brother is now pain free and happy rather than dwelling on my loss.  I would also recommend reading it whether you do or do not have a relationship with God.  For those with Faith it reaffirms the fact that God is there with us and our loved one through the most difficult times in our lives and that our loved ones still "live".  For those who have no relationship with God this book may show them that death is not the end but a new Beginning.  Finally, I would recommend "Rare" to anyone who has given up on life.  I think this book illustrates that while life can be very difficult at times, life is a wonderful gift to be cherished.

Paul and Nancy lost their only daughter and yet they were able to comfort me through their words both spoken and written.  I still can't get over that!