I have finished reading RARE and I continue to think to myself, “They are all correct, Rebecca was a gift, she was a presence of love to each who knew her in a profound way, her ability to rise above her sickness and live her life, never questioning, but keeping her strong faith”.

She was an Angel, she knew where she was headed, she felt it and in reading your book, she proved that to you all.  To hold that faith in your hearts and believe as you all do is truly, truly inspiring.  I feel as if I could’ve jumped into those pages and been one of your friends who were with you on your journey.  You all were and remain blessed. 

I have a poem that I have written to others over the years and in reading the words of your Grandfather, it immediately came to mind.  I will gear the end of it towards your beloved Rebecca.

To love is one thing
To be loved is another thing
But to love and be loved is everything
Rebecca, with her effervescent grace, was a gift of ‘everything’

I am honored to have read your book and to get to know Rebecca and your family/friends , honored to have met Nancy and I will be honored to meet you as well.  You are an unbelievable family.  Your faith inspires me.  Thank you.