I finished the book last night.  With tears in my eyes as I write this, your daughter, you and your family make me want to be a better Christian.  I too have always believed that each person in life is here for a particular purpose.  When I told my Mom that when I was five years old, she said that I was correct - my purpose for that day was to not get into trouble with my younger brother John.  I think Rebecca's purpose was to show all who came in contact with her through example and not by words how to love and have faith.  That old adage of "actions speak louder than words" truly applied to Rebecca and how she lived her life, especially her last 19 months.  I also think one of your purposes in life Paul was to write and share her journey and your family's journey with the world.  "Rare" is so rich with so many lessons, on so many levels, I would miss my flight tonight if I sat here listing the top 100.